We can pat ourselves on the back all day long, but what really matters to us is how the people we interact with view our team and our projects. For decades we have been working with the community and elected officials to make sure we design projects that are well received and are an asset to the places where we work. Here are a few things that people have said about us and our work over the years�

�Our thanks go to New Urban West for working with us to bring such a quality project to the people of Huntington Beach.�

� Peter Green, Council Member, Huntington Beach City Council

�I think New Urban West should conduct seminars for developers on how to sell their projects to people.�

� Paul Miller, Council Member, Simi Valley City Council

�I believe in New Urban West, because they believed in us.�

� Thomas Duffy, Superintendent, Moorpark Unified School District

�It�s part of my job to work with urban developers, and its companies like New Urban West that create an exciting cityscape. They worked hard with my office, the City Council, and other government and community groups to achieve a project which they and the City will be proud of. They�re good business partners.�

� Melanie Fallon, Director, Huntington Beach Community Development

�New Urban West worked hands-on to come up with creative solutions to complex and sensitive issues and made their development an asset to the community.�

� Michael Dolder, Fire Chief, City of Huntington Beach

�The Simi Valley Unified School District Foundation for Education Excellence selected New Urban West to develop Long Canyon because of its solid reputation and experience building quality homes, its financial backing and its demonstrated willingness to work with and become part of our community.�

� Thomas Rittenburg, President, Simi Valley Unified School District Foundation for Education Excellence

�All of us on the City Council were very pleased with the way this development project came together. It truly was a collaborative process between developer, government, and the community which allowed us to approve the project in record time. For that I thank New Urban West."

� Greg Stratton, Mayor, City of Simi Valley

�Chevron owned land that was not being maximized. We knew the land would be perfect for new homes; but given that we would be building in and around an existing community, we also knew we had to pick a talented developer � one sensitive to the concerns and interests of the community. We considered dozens of developers and found what we were looking for in New Urban West. They were definitely the right choice.�

� Craig Rice, Chevron Land Development

�New Urban West is one of the more reasonable and easy-to-work-with developers we�ve ever dealt with. In addition, they are more sensitive to the environment and the human needs of the community than most developers.�

� Ralph Bauer, Mayor, City of Huntington Beach

�Mountain Meadows has become the place to live in Moorpark. The streets are lined with beautiful landscaping. Two elementary schools and a high school have been constructed, and a 69-acre community park has been built to be enjoyed by thousands. Mountain Meadows is nearly finished now. As a journalist, I covered its beginning and its growth. As a resident of Moorpark, I am still enjoying the legacy that the New Urban West team left behind.�

� Debbi Ryono, Ventura County Star

�The management of New Urban West exhibited a straightforward approach to working with city staff and are very knowledgeable about good land use planning techniques. They had a good working relationship with the City and the community. When issues arose, we were able to resolve them.�

� Steve Kueny, City Manager, Moorpark

�I�ve worked with a number of developers over the years, and never have I seen one as sensitive and responsive to the needs of the community as New Urban West. They worked with the city staff hand-in-glove during every step of the entitlement process to make this development happen the right way. They�ve set the standard.�

� Bernardo Perez, Council Member, Moorpark City Council

"You are setting the standard higher for future developments."

� Joseph Karaki, Commissioner, Anaheim Planning Commission

�New Urban West has really set the bar extremely high. This is a model of how a developer and his team should work with the community. In fact, you may even want to give training lessons. This is one of the best designed projects that I have ever seen. This is a high quality project and there is no question in my mind it�ll be a huge asset to this area.�

� Dianne Jacob, San Diego County Board of Supervisors, 2nd District