The Experience at Gene Autry Way

When AMB Property (REIT) engaged us to help them design, position, entitle, and market a 17-acre property directly across the street from the Anaheim Stadium, we brought forth a bold vision for what has been called the most valuable site in the Platinum Triangle.

The property vision includes a linear park along the main access axis to the stadium as an inviting urban gathering space, faced with restaurant and retail spaces and anchored at the ends by a residential tower and an iconic office tower. Two additional residential towers and mid-rise townhouse buildings with pedestrian paseos complete the identifiable urban neighborhood of 1,208 total residences, 100,000 square foot of office and 50,000 square feet of retail.

The Experience at Gene Autry Way injects the pulse of downtown living and working into an area that has never really had a downtown. It brings to the gateway of Anaheim Angels Stadium a vibrant mix of uses and an eclectic, urban style and energy that transforms the area into a living, breathing, 24/7 community. 


Anaheim, CA


  • 1,208 residences

  • 100,000 SF office space

  • 50,000 SF of retail space

  • Urban entertainment-focus