Masonic Temple Lofts

Rich in history and character, this former Masonic Temple was seen by us a way to stimulate positive change for the Pine Street area of Long Beach. 

The challenge was to adapt this graceful, almost 90-year old building for residential use and expand its usable space without compromising its visual appeal and historic value.

The solution was to acquire the lots on both sides of the building and design two new contemporary steel and glass structures book-ending the original building to accommodate lofts, common areas, and bring the historic building into the modern era. All while giving the future residents all that this area has to offer; cafes, nightclubs, beaches, and shops.

The lofts include 85 residences ranging from 800 – 3,500 sf, plus swimming pool/spa, deck, underground parking and storage, and common areas.


Long Beach, CA


  • 85 lofts

  • Decks

  • Pool/spa

  • Common areas

  • Historic building, combining 3 adjacent lots

  • Urban infill