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Fostering a vibrant, healthy & connected community

Designed to Connect the Dots

Planning for The Trails is heavily focused on giving residents a variety of mobility options and enhancing all modes of travel — whether on foot, by bike, on rapid transit, or in a car.

The Trails is designed to "connect the dots" by providing new trails, ensures connectivity to local employment hubs, as well as local shopping and recreation.


Non-Car Connections to Transit & Nearby Amenities

To improve Carmel Mountain Ranch's multi-modal transportation network, The Trails is exploring ways to connect with surrounding amenities such as the Sabre Springs / Peñasquitos Transit Station and neighborhood-serving shops and restaurants. 


Spend Less Time in the Car, and More Time Enjoying Special Moments

With over 46,000 jobs in a 3-mile radius and located within a Transit Priority Area, The Trails can provide a much-improved commute experience with convenient access to the Sabre Springs / Peñasquitos Transit Station and over 6 miles of bike lanes. 


Designed to Make it Easier to "Opt for the Breeze"

The Trails is designed to make it easier to "opt for the breeze" — which basically means giving your car a break and choosing to walk, bike, take transit, or even bring your golf cart out to enjoy the fresh air. 

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