Pearl Lane

Pearl Lane at The Northridge District is an urban living experience unlike any other in the Southern California.


A 16-acre, 820-residence urban village located within easy commuting distance to all of greater Los Angeles, it is a neighborhood of impeccably designed and individualized townhomes, brownstones, and condominiums built around a village green that includes the casual elegance of an urban park for relaxing and enjoying as well as walking paths, restaurants, cafes and bakeries, a spa, and boutique retail stores.

As a one of a kind neighborhood that seamlessly blends nature, serenity, and security with the benefits of urban living, residents can walk instead of drive, shop and dine just outside their front door, and enjoy being a part of a thriving urban neighborhood that effortlessly weaves it all into day to day living.

Created for active, vibrant people who view their home as a haven, a refuge, and a constant welcoming respite from the often turbulent outside world, Pearl Lane is place where residents can feel in the thick of things and away from it all. A place that embraces modern urban living while retaining the best of the natural beauty and warmth that is characteristic of Southern California. It means experiencing simplicity and convenience; enjoying privacy but feeling connected; reveling in things both urban and natural.


Los Angeles, CA


  • 820 units

  • Village green

  • Urban park

  • Spa

  • Shops

  • Urban Infill